DT6 Vibration and Phase Analyzer


The extremely easy to use DT6 simultaneously captures a full 6 channels of phase synchronized raw data, then processes the displays in time, frequency and phase.


DT6 – Simply Nothing Else Like It


The new DT6 Vibration Analysis System is a breakthrough in vibration analysis. While Time and Frequency plots say a lot about machine condition, they can also be misleading and phase is necessary for the complete picture. Yet, phase data collection, documentation and analysis can be too cumbersome to bother.

The DT6 changes all that. One simple touch provides 6 channels of acquisition, automated phase synchronization/adjustment and relationship rule processing, telling you what it all means.

  • Easy to use – no advanced knowledge necessary
  • Automatically processes complete phase relationship Balloon Diagram
  • Includes an expert Phase Analysis Support system
  • Every point on a machine train is phase synchronized
  • Perfect for small plants, departments, consultants etc.
  • Powerful, very affordable = HIGH VALUE